Vote Now! Ayogo is Going to Launch Party 9

By June 1, 2010News

Ayogo’s been selected to participate at Launch Party 9 and we’re excited. Come out to the Roundhouse Community Centre on June 17th to witness us take home (hopefully) the trophy for best start-up.
What will you see at Launch Party 9, you ask? We’ve chosen two games to showcase to you AND to some of the world-class judges in attendance. (Some of the judges include Michael Arrington from Techcrunch, Debbie Landa, Katherine Barr and Jason Bailey, to name a few.) First up is Pet Pupz, an iPhone game that allows you to nurture, adopt and train a virtual puppy. (Cute, right?) Next, is a more serious, but still totally awesome health-based game that can actually motivate people to develop a healthier lifestyle. (No way, you say?) We know that you’re as excited as we are, so why not come and check us out at the event. In the meantime, you can show us some digital love by voting for our video. Thanks!